Vitamin D – The Test We Should ALL Have!

There is one test I now recommend EVERYONE should do.
It is simple, inexpensive and invaluable!
  If you get everything else right, and get this wrong, you can end up with serious, degenerative disease.  Fix it, and wonderful repair can happen.

We have known about vitamin D for decades, but now, neurologist Dr. Stasha Gominak has pinpointed its involvement in REM sleep which finally identifies the correct blood values, and they are NOT what we previously thought. Current lab reports stating ‘Adequate’ levels are COMPLETELY WRONG!

Everyone is at risk here! I have tested some 40 people, and while all came back marked as ‘Adequate’ only ONE has come in within Dr Gominak’s range.  The ramifications are enormous.  Without sufficient REM sleep we simply don’t repair.  Gominak goes as far as to say that from her sleep studies, she believes Parkinson’s patients haven’t had REM sleep for 20 years.  But it’s not just Parkinson’s.  It is every ache pain or illness.

It is already known that there is a correlation between cancer rates and vitamin D blood levels, and that there is a strong correlation between D levels and autism.  We know that 10% of our genetic switching is only possible in the presence of vitamin D, and that ‘flu season’ correlates with dropping vitamin D levels, because without it many antimicrobial peptides aren’t made.

But the REM sleep observation and vitamin D’s involvement in the production of B vitamins in the gut, specifically to facilitate recovery during sleep, is ground-breaking.

If you are getting up to empty your bladder at night or your child wets the bed.  If you wake for other reasons at night, or are a light sleeper.  If you toss and turn during sleep.  If you are tired on waking, or wake with aches or pains, or simply if you are not recovering your health, there is a VERY good chance that incorrect D and B vitamin levels are involved.

For November 2017 only, clients booking a full (hour and a half) consultation, will be offered a FREE BASELINE VITAMIN D TEST for themselves, alongside Heart Rate Variability testing and Field Control Therapy. This is the most comprehensive package I can offer.  Please call me on 01342 477 377 to take advantage of this offer.

When the results come back, we’ll establish a protocol to get things back into range as a priority, because this is a newly clarified primary step in recovering your health.