Vaccination, Is It Really Safe?

Thursday, 22 January 2009
Compiled by Jonathan Frewing BA (Hons) Dip FCT

Every day I look at my children and thank God I knew this before they were born.

If you are planning a family or know someone who is, PLEASE grasp this information and spread the word.

It is estimated that 1 in 96 boys born today will go on to develop autism. I believe this information will greatly improve your odds of escaping this rampaging catastrophe.  In fact I believe it is totally preventable.

The information you can access from this article is extensive.  Please first read the 5 key points before delving into the attached documented evidence.

4 Things You Must Know Before You Can Make An Informed Decision About Vaccinating Your Child:

Vaccines in the UK STILL contain MERCURY which is proven to destroy brain neurons.
Before we are instructed to bypass all natural defenses and inject a substance direct into the bloodstream of our newborn, one would think we should know what it contains, and yet we are kept in the dark.

One thing is certain though.  Many of our vaccines have and still do contain mercury, a known neuro-toxin, for which there is NO safe limit, and which most nurses and many doctors are oblivious to because it is referred to as thimerosal.

If you have ever questioned the significance of mercury toxicity, please see the following brief videos by the University of Calgary and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

Japanese cot deaths plummeted when the age for vaccination was raised to 18 months.

The second thing you need to know is that your baby’s blood/brain barrier is not fully developed until 18 months of age.

The Japanese had an appalling record for cot death or ‘sudden infant death syndrome’.  They had introduced a stringent vaccination program, which they then softened by raising the age of first inoculations to 18 months.  The infant death rate dropped dramatically.

The final and tragic proof of the correlation came when the law was relaxed, and uninformed parents were allowed to choose. when to vaccinate their children.  Most conscientiously opted to ‘protect’ their beloved babies as early as possible.  Devastatingly, the ‘SIDS’ level has risen back to its former highs.

More than 1 in 96 boys now suffers autism.  Yet the Amish, who do not vaccinate, have 1 in 10,000. The third piece of the puzzle is our gift from the Amish communities in America.  They live very simply and as a rule do not vaccinate their children.  Recent research shows that while the rest of the world’s autism rates have been doubling every 5 years, autism amongst the Amish is close to zero.

For further detail, please see this article on

The Trivirix (Pluserix) MMR vaccine was launched in Canada in 1986 and withdrawn in 1988 as dangerous.
Despite this, the UK adopted the same MMR in 1988 and has continued with it.

The MMR is a potent cocktail, and the reasons it is so damaging are not well understood.  The fact that it is however, will come as no surprise to all those involved in cover ups exposed in this shattering 2009 article. “Secret British MMR Vaccine Files Forced Open By Legal Action” precipitated by the Daily Mail article on the 13th January 2009

It’s not just Autism.  Vaccine links with Type 1 Diabetes and Asthma are just two more conditions now under scrutiny.

This article is incomplete and will be expanded on. So please return for more information.

Please also know that although I have chosen not to vaccinate my children, I am not advocating that you should do the same.  Instead, I ask that parents become fully informed about the risks involved in both options, and that they ponder the Japanese cot death statistics and timing.

NEW addition:
Please read this article:
This one article addresses the 10 major vaccination myths:
MYTH #1: “Vaccines are safe…”

MYTH #2:”Vaccines are very effective…”
MYTH #3: “Vaccines are the reason for low disease rates in the U.S. today…”
MYTH #4: “Vaccination is based on sound immunization theory and practice…”
MYTH #5: “Childhood diseases are extremely dangerous…”
MYTH #6: “Polio was one of the clearly great vaccination success stories…”
MYTH #7: “My child had no reaction to the vaccines, so there is nothing to worry about…”
MYTH #8: “Vaccines are the only disease prevention option available…”
MYTH #9: “Vaccinations are legally mandated and unavoidable…”
MYTH #10: “Public health officials always place the public’s health above all other concerns…”

If you do choose to vaccinate, please only go ahead with it if your child is fully healthy on the day. It is STRONGLY recommended that you postpone if he or she has a cold, fever, conjunctivitis or any other ailment.

According to Dr Keith Scott Mumby, large doses of vitamin C immediately before and after vaccination, may provide some protective effect.