Fluoride – Good or Bad?

You’ll get the picture in just five minutes.  But there is a LOT of information here:

The fluoride used in drinking water is a toxic waste product of the phosphate fertiliser industry.  It is toxic waste, containing lead, mercury arsenic, and even radioactive isotopes that are not allowed to be washed into the sea or into the waterways.

Why does fluoride impact thyroid function?

The thyroid produces thyroid hormone called T4.  Imagine it looking like a cross.
Each leg of the cross holds a molecule of iodine (a crucial mineral).  It is this combination of thyroid with 4 iodine molecules that make thyroid do its job.

But iodine is one of a group of ‘halides’ on the periodic table.  These include:
Astatide, Bromine, Chlorine, Fluoride and Iodine.  These other ‘halides’ can take the place of iodine and if that happens, something that looks like active T4 is made but it has no physiologic action!

The troubling result is that your doctor may do a blood test and find plenty of T4 but what he or she can NOT see is that your thyroid hormone is completely impotent.  You are making plenty of T4 but you are hypo-thyroid, with some or all of the potential symptoms, from dry skin, thinning hair, cold body temperature and easy weight gain, to chronic ill health due to the inability to change cellular voltage as explained by Dr Jerry Tennant.

If you want the truth about fluoride, here is the book to read: The Fluoride Deception.