FCT Resources

FCT – Field Control Therapy, Developed by Dr Yurkovsky

Cardiologist Dr Savely Yurkovsky devised and continues to develop this remarkably precise medical modality through a combination of his classical medical training, deep understanding of toxicology and ability to detect the slightest reactions in his patients through bio-resonance testing.  FCT uses energetic remedies prepared in a similar way to homeopathics.
Dr Savely Yurkovsky                                          www.yurkovsky.com

FCT World – A comprehensive FCT web resource

Homeopath and Field Control Therapy teacher Simon Rees, is responsible for this rich resource.  All of us who have taken up this practice owe him our thanks.
FCT World – by Simon Rees                              www.fctworld.com

FCT Forums – Where patients & practitioners meet

The Field Control Therapy support forum where patients and practitioners share tips and experience.
FCT Forums                                                       www.fctforums.com

FCT in Living Systems Medicine

Field Control Therapy is so much more than testing homeopathic remedis against a patient.  The umburella of Living Systems Medicine paints the picture of the mindset and awareness of the FCT practitioner who must consider the macro and micro-impact of recommendations and approaches.
Living Systems Medicine                                www.systemsrevolution.com