Electro-smog resources

Electro-Smog and how to help

Electo-smog is the colloquial term used for the invisible, electromagnetic radiation escalating in our environment and penetrating our brains and bodies for the first time in human evolution.  It causes dyer biological consequences, and many are now unable to function because of it.

Earthing or Electro-Static Discharge Equipment

‘Body Voltage’ may turn out to be one of our biggest blind spots in modern medicine.  We are designed to be in contact with the earth.  The implications of not being, are vast!

  • Earthing equipment from wrist straps to bed sheets are available from Equilibra.
  • House surveys and more may be performed by geobiologists Alfred Riggs.
  • Earthing Shoes or ESD shoes are available for men and women.

David Wolfe on Earthing (Grounding) at the Longevity Now Conference:

Dr Sinatra on Earthing (Grounding) at the Longevity Now conference.