WATER & HOMEOPATHY – Nobel Laureate Demonstrates Water Memory

Jaque Benvenistesays Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier “was a 20th Century Galileo”.
Benveniste had the audacity to turn current doctrine on its head by demonstrating that water has a memory and that the imprinted memory in water could effect biological systems.  In short, water that has no remaining trace of a substance in it, can influence the way your body behaves.
In this French documentary, world renowned virologist, Luc Montagnier, who was awarded the Nobel prize in 2008 for the discovery of HIV, picks up the work of Benveniste and goes on to demonstrate:

  • That water can carry the memory of HIV when no molecule of the virus remains.
  • That this memory can be detected & recorded by computer as an electromagnetic signature.
  • That the digital signature can then be read by another computer 1600 km away.
  • That the signature can then be plaid back to a distilled water sample which will record it.
  • And that this recording in the water will then reconstruct the HIV DNA (from base materials added) as if it were a photocopy of the original.

As is always the way, with a paradigm shift in observation, Benveniste’s work met with a tidal wave of objection and now, Luc Montagnier has chosen to leave his homeland of France to conduct further study in the more open university environment in China.

To those of us however, who do not have a vested interest in the status quo of physics, chemistry and biology, these findings are easier to digest.  And they bring up some VERY important questions.

In the video, Montagnier suggests recording drug signatures into water and affecting a biological response without the drug.  This of course is a heretical suggestion to all pharmaceutical companies that used to fund his research.

But if you are an FCT practitioner like me, it brings up the following question:  “How are all the recorded signatures in our municipal water, from contraceptive pills to chemotherapeutic drugs impacting us and our children right now?

Water filter anyone?

Unfortunately, while the best filters do extract these substances, they don’t remove the signatures.
This is why I recommend the water memon technology and why I am now looking into one water filtration system which MAY eliminate both the toxins and their signatures.  Watch this space…

By mass, humans are 70% water, but at a molecular level, just 1% is anything OTHER than water.  So which ‘nutrient’ is king? And how do we work with it?

On the research side, Montagnier is not alone.  Another voice of scientific clarity in the US is that of Prof Gerald Pollack.  He is the author of ‘Cells Gels and the Engines of Life’ and ‘The 4th Phase of Water’ in which he confirms that not all water is the same, and that water in its ‘structured’ phase will not only carry information, but is actually a battery that may be charged by light.

The Japanese are also heavily into water research and the creation of structured water.  But their solutions so far have not been stable, and this is where Plato H2O and Plato Core score so heavily.  They have been demonstrated by nuclear magnetic resonance imaging to micro-clustre water in a stable way.

At the sharp end of applying these physical phenomena, are homoeopaths who know how to work with them and FCT practitioners who actually feel them at work.

Through our continuing training we are becoming increasingly sensitive to what can only be described as the quantum phenomena of resonance and non-locality.  We are often working at great distances with tremendous accuracy, and it is a joy to watch the scientific community devise methods of demonstrating to the world what it is that may be felt by the subtle human senses.

I hope this email will provoke thoughts, questions and observations and look forward to helping as many people as I can on their journey to health.

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