The Fish Oil MISTAKE.

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Stop your clients from taking fish oils IMMEDIATELY!
I have tested many supposedly clean brands, and they are all full of mercury.

This was Dr. Yurkovsky’s opening statement at his FCT seminar in New York 3 years ago.

I only partially heard him.  Why?Because I, like all health care practitioners, had been subjected to articles, lectures and seminars extolling the virtues of  DHA and EPA in fish and krill for years.  I had read Udo Erasmus, Basant Puri, Nora Gedgaudas and Weston Price, so I thought I was secure in the my knowledge.

But slowly the cracks in the fish oil argument were appearing. 

Firstly, I never witnessed the promised benefits of taking them.  Then, a prominent fish oil advocate and manufacturer suffered a massive heart attack.  (The very thing he was telling us his oils would protect against).  And finally, I witnessed some significant adverse reactions in neurologically compromised individuals supplementing with fish oils and even worse with krill.  I took both off my list of recommendations.

So what is the problem?

In Brian Peskin and Dr Robert Rowen’s book, ‘The PEO Solution’ the cat is let out of the bag.  In brief, we need ‘essential fats’.  And that is what we think we are getting from fish oil.  But the DHA and EPA in fish are NOT essential fatty acids!  They are derivatives!

The physiologic need for these oils is just 10mg a day. Anything over that has been shown to CONTRIBUTE to many of the diseases it was supposed to heal, from prostate c4ncer and macular degeneration to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Consumers have been led to believe that taking fish oil will ‘balance’ their fatty acid requirement, when in fact just 1% of our fatty acid needs are DHA and EPA.  That means that 99% of the fatty acids that are so crucial to everything from cell membrane integrity and mitochondrial function to neurological tissue maintenance and cardiovascular performance are NOT supported by fish oils.

This is very serious misinformation.  And because the term EFAs has been so misused, a new term ‘PEOs’ or Parent Essential Oils has now been born.  PEOs are the real essential fats.  From these, your body can make up what it needs and since it is claimed that 95% of us are deficient in these oils, providing them to the body SHOULD make a difference.  And it DOES.

My recent experience from just a handful of people has been impressive.

In the last few weeks, ‘feeling fantastic’, ‘increase in energy’, ‘clarity of mind with less anxiety’, and ‘improved libido’ have been reported within days of taking the oils.  In one case, a young lady drinking a dangerous 10 to 12 litres of water a day, dropped her water consumption need to 3 litres in a single day.  She took 14 capsules on that first day.  Another immediate reported effect was a sense of the oils enveloping the brain of a long term headache sufferer, just minutes after taking them.

Then I learned of the total recovery of an athlete who was down to just 80 lb in weight from Crohn’s disease and moments away from surgery to remove a large section of bowel in an attempt to save his life.  He discharged himself and a friend fed him seed oils that he pressed there and then until he was well.

Hearing this anecdote, I let a friend of mine in the US know.  Massive toxic exposure in the military 40 years ago triggered his Crohn’s disease and just weeks ago he was again admitted to hospital with a very serious flair up.

Unable to get the oils I suggested, he got the next best thing and within a week, he reports such great improvement that he feels this has been the missing link in his recovery for decades.  He then switched to the oils I am using and experienced the mental benefits as well as greater gastric and immune support, and has begun cutting his medications back, with a view to coming off them altogether.  He is a highly knowledgeable chiropractic doctor.

These are the observations I have made from just a hand full of clients over the past month.  According to Brian Peskin in his book ‘The PEO Solution‘ this is just the tip of the iceberg.  The subtitle of the book is actually ‘Conquering C4ncer, Diabetes and Heart Disease with Parent Essential Oils‘.  He presents good science, testimonials and case studies that are well worth reading.

The only conclusion I can draw from what I have witnessed in such a short space of time, is that most of us genuinely do have a fatty acid deficiency and that the Parent Essential Oils provide what is missing in the correct physiologic ratio. Once available, the body seems to go about making use of these oils remarkably fast.

Most of you will be aware that I am a not fan of bags full of supplements.  But genuine nutritional deficiency MUST be overcome to avoid disease.  We are designed to eat food and these oils are just that.  The reason we are not getting them as needed is largely due to cooking.  So short of insisting that everyone goes on a raw food diet, PEO capsules are an excellent solution.

Finally, for those of you who like audio recordings, I encourage you to listen to this very informative interview with Professor Peskin:  When you hear what the science reveals, you will want to share it.  The website is also an excellent resource.

My conclusion is that Fish Oil, the NUMBER ONE supplement in the UK is a danger to health.  Most people are taking supplements of 1000mg when the body would only make 10 out of parent oils.  And a simple switch from fish oils to PEOs can bring about rapid, dramatic change.

Please pass this eletter on to friends and family, to prevent them from making the most common nutritional error that really is costing them their health.  Again, as presented in the audio, fish oil at supplemental levels are proven contribute to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, oxidative stress, macular degeneration and gastric problems to mention a few, while resolving a deficiency in PEO’s has been shown to enable the body to reduce vascular age and clear plaques, improve skin quality, increase cellular energy, balance blood sugars, reduce headaches and so much more.
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