Plasma Jugs

The Plasma Jugs have ARRIVED !

If you have ordered a jug please send your address to:

Please put “Your name – Jug”  in the subject line of the email.
(This is the fastest way for me to confirm your address is up to date.  Thank you).
Emails to this account are for address confirmation only and will not be replied to.

Here is what you will receive, and how to assemble it:

Please unpack your glass Jug carefully.
Unscrew the centre portion of the lid to access the ice cone inside.


Remove the precious gans tube from inside the ice cone.
Wash all the parts and fill the ice cone with water before reassembling.


Screw the lid back in place.
Insert the gans tube through the hole in the lid so it hangs in the water in the ice cone.


Alternatively, you can remove the ice cone altogether and simply insert the gans tube through the lid into the jug.

Now lift the whole lid assembly off to fill the jug with water.
Replace the lid and leave it to stand.


The plasma fields of the CO2 and ZnO2 gans, will be captured in the water.
A byproduct of this is that the water will become more alkaline without adding or removing minerals.
By drinking the water, you are transferring the fields into the body.
Think of the gans as a magnet.  The fields are ever present and never run out.

Thank you all for your tremendous patience while waiting for this product.
The quality of the gans in the jugs is superb and the fields are very strong.
We are delighted with the end result and feel the wait has been entirely worth while.