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Today I got another call from a parent excited by what he was seeing.  His son had stopped wetting the bed (which is the 4th child this has happened for in the past week). His own hip had stopped hurting and another of his sons skin seemed to clear up over night.  And all from raising the head of their beds by just 6 inches.But that wasn’t what he was most excited about.  He was more interested in what we could do for his autistic daughter.  And that is why I am writing this newsletter.We are seeing excellent results with autism, and now I think we can do even better!
It doesn’t just apply to autism though.  It applies to ALL chronic ill health.  The principles are the same.

A fundamental principle of my work is to identify what is behind ill health and remove it.
This is SO obvious, and yet most practitioners don’t start with removing the problems.

Instead, a test is run.  A deficiency is found and a supplement is given.  It must be given repeatedly and if removed, the individual regresses.  Then more deficiencies are found and more supplements are given.  You know the picture.

But this is not healing and it is not the way we work.

When I wrote to you last about ‘Inclined Bed Therapy’ (raising the head of the bed), I thought it was a therapy.  But I was wrong.  What I should have been saying is that sleeping horizontally is a CAUSE of chronic disease and should be stopped.

This is crucial to understand.  If you are sleeping dead flat at night, you were not designed to. and it is making you sick.  The same is true for your children.

If you don’t know how to raise your beds, please call me on 01342 770 524 and I can send you some inexpensive raisers designed for the job.

Here’s the thing, since sending out that newsletter, people have been emailing and calling to let me know they have more energy, less pain, resolved heart palpitations, better sleep, less night time urination, resolved brain fog and all without a single remedy.  This really is big.

Now imagine an autistic child, whose immune system is struggling, whose digestion is inadequate and whose brain is congested and inflamed.  Should we be providing supplements to plug the few holes we have learned to test for, or should we be removing all the obstacles we can that are hindering his or her innate healing ability?

Clearly we should be removing the obstacles to self healing.

  • Inclining the bed has just gone to the top of my list for these children, to de-congest the brain.
  • Removing gluten and dairy at least until the gut is healed, comes next.
  • But only after fluorescent lights (which resonate with mercury) have been removed.
  • It must also be understood that many infections secrete mycotoxins, potentially causing inflammation in the brain and these toxins may increase 600 fold (according to Dr Klinghardt) in response to environmental electro-smog.  So wifi and electronics must be minimised too.
  • The majority of autistic children suffer allergic reactions from a malfunctioning gut, and this may be made worse by supplementing with probiotics if the child has parasites – which they generally do.
  • Fish oils too, may be a hindrance to recovery despite everything you have heard.

In fact, the results we are getting are largely without supplementation.
The fortnightly FCT protocols we devise are purely led by testing what a child is struggling to overcome at a given moment, and a well timed sequence of homeopathic drops of the organs and tissues involved, facilitates and accelerate their own natural steps towards self healing.

Word has spread, and we are now able to work with individuals from several European countries, some of whom we have never met.  But through remote testing and Cathelyn’s newly developed ability to experience a person’s symptoms, this doesn’t hinder the efficacy of the approach.

Parents are witnessing tremendous strides in children who were not progressing on even the most demanding of daily supplementation regimes.  Incontinence and digestive problems are abating, skin conditions are clearing, focus is developing and interaction increasing.  Children are brighter, happier versions of themselves with better understanding and dramatically less sensitivity to external stimulus, noise and crowds.  Receptive language is another area that benefits, and we are receiving very positive feedback about increasing vocabulary and spontaneity of speech.

This year’s goal is to help many more children on the spectrum to make the kind of strides we are currently seeing in those we are working with.  But we can only do that if they know we are here.  So please pass this email on to friends and family or those you are in contact with online.

We look forward to helping you and your loved ones be the best that you can be.

With kindest regards,

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