Jonathan’s New ‘True Health’ eLetter just launched

For a long while I’ve been promising to write a newsletter
to my contacts past and present.
I’ve wanted to distil the enormous amount of information I receive,
and feed out just the really important points that I can rely on and
that you need to know.
Here are just a few of the things I want to cover:
  • The problem with fish oils and the remarkable alternative.
  • Very exciting, new peptides that behave like stem cells.
  • Vaccination.  The decision you can’t unmake.
  • WiFi and Microwave – a closer look.
  • Mercury amalgam fillings and the best mercury free dentists.
  • What I practice (in a nut shell).
  • When and how to make your own remedies.
  • And much more…
My hope is that you will pass these emails on to friends and family.
And that they’ll join my mailing list by clicking here.
Why?  Because I want to stop as many people as I can from making
poor decisions and even life changing mistakes.  I also enjoy taking on
challenging cases in my practice, and the more people I can help, the better.
Over the next 9 weeks, as well as working with you, I shall be learning 72 keys
of meditation with a long time friend and the inventor of Plato water, Dr David Wheeler.
These teachings will bring me new sensitivity and awareness.
This, combined with a very few select products will, I believe, take
my ability to help people to yet another level.
If you would like me to help you with your health, please email
Or call me 01342 770 524. Leave a message & I’ll call you back.
With kindest regards,

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