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Today I feel like I am a minor who has hit a seam of precious gold.
Everywhere I turn, brilliant new discoveries are being made and old discoveries are becoming available and affordable.

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In this email I want to focus on ONE remarkable and very affordable nutrient.
Here is the link.

My passion is information medicine, so for a supplement to catch my attention
I have to be VERY impressed – and I am!

‘YTE’ a patented nutrient with multiple benefits and peer reviewed clinical research for Depression and Sexual Dysfunction.  In addition to these, I have witnessed it:

  • Increase Energy
  • Improve Memory
  • Increase Libido in men and women
  • Restore Sleep
  • Relieve Stress
  • Improve Vision
  • Reduce Pain and increased flexibility
And that was before I discovered the ‘real McCoy’ which has just been launched at a fraction of the cost and four times the potency of went before.

If improvement in ANY of the above areas would benefit you, I highly recommend you learn a little about this young tissue extract called ‘Amino Booster’.

Rather than read through a lengthy email, please simply click on this link.
Then go to ‘The Science‘ on the top right and select ‘About YTE‘.

I promise you won’t be disappointed.

With kindest regards,

Now in case you want to read more, here it is…

How could one nutrient possibly facilitate so many benefits?
Well, while most nutrients are scenery and props on the stage of life,
proteins are our biology’s actors.  This is CRUCIAL to understand.

The latest phyto-nutrient might possess wonderful properties, but they simply cannot be expressed without  peptides and proteins putting them to work.

2 or 3 years ago, I discovered the remarkable research into fertilised eggs.
In just 21 days an egg becomes a fully formed chick.  And on day 9 (before the embryo forms) an incredible crescendo of protein synthesis and ‘fibroblast growth factor’ production takes place, producing all the building blocks and stem cell growth factors required to create the chicken.

If harvested and consumed at this critical moment, it was discovered that many of these properties could be utilised by our own human physiology.

But surely our digestive systems would simply dismantle the peptides and break them down into amino acids like any other.  So were the benefits real?

A product called Laminine was launched and I experimented with it.  People benefited significantly, with better sleep, more energy, improved cognition, greater sexual desire and performance, pain relief, and Cathelyn experienced significant vision improvements in low light, in just 4 days.

I was impressed, but the product was costly, and after a short time I became concerned that the supplement had begun to be ‘watered down’ and I discontinued recommending it.

Now though, I am very excited to have found the “Real McCoy”.  It is a newly launched product called Amino Booster, and it has SEVERAL advantages.

  • Firstly it is manufactured by the Norwegian patent holders in strict accordance with their own proprietary techniques.
  • It’s benefits are documented in ‘Norwegian grade’ clinical trials.
  • The daily dose of 4 capsules contains the amount of active ingredient used in the trials.
  • It is about a quarter of the cost of Laminine and is FAR superior.
  • It already includes the Ginkgo Biloba found to facilitate effects on the brain.

I contacted the founder of the company that has teamed up with Nils Mortensen (the patent holder) and feel very confident that they are an ethical company, led by personal experience and a desire to make a real difference in the world.

In fact this led to a WHOLE new conversation which I shall have with you another time…

Here again is the link to the website.
I suggest you go to ‘The Science‘ on the top right and select ‘About YTE‘.

With kindest regards,

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