Detox Breakthrough – Why the Liver is No Longer King

This finally explains something I couldn’t understand,
but have seen in my practice for years!

It is a real detox breakthrough.

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First let me explain why chelation should be stopped.
For years, heavy metal ‘chelation‘ has been touted as a ‘the way’ to resolve poisoning by mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminium and so on.  But over and over again I’ve seen the damage it has done.  It works for some, but is disastrous for others. Why is that?In a test tube, chelation agents, like DMPS or DMSA bind to metals.  So in theory they should do the same in the body and escort them neatly out via the urine and stool.

A person found to ‘not excrete metals’ via the urine, is given a DMPS challenge test to ‘see what the real levels are’.  And this is where it all starts to go horribly wrong.  You see these individuals’ blood may already be dangerously full of toxins, with only a small amount escaping via damaged kidneys.

The DMPS or chelation agent is given and completely overloads the system, potentially leading to a massive and harmful redistribution of metals.  It was said that this only lasted 2 or 3 days, but that is because the testing was so poor.  We now know that this increased level of circulating toxicity may last for 60 to 90 days.

In short, chelation does NOTHING to address the reason a person cannot detoxify.  Yet this is exactly what must be discovered and resolved.  And it is why I practice FCT.

But here’s the twist.
For years I have found that a drop of FCT Kidney remedy will get a person out of a health crisis most of the time.  And yet we are all taught that ‘the Liver is King‘.

So why don’t I get the same result with a drop of FCT Liver?

Last month I attended a seminar with Chris Shade (Thank you Karen Joseph) where for the first time, what was being taught, matched what I was witnessing in my practice.

Chris is an environmental chemist with arguably more understanding of mercury toxicity than anyone alive.  But his revelation was not restricted to mercury.

To my mind, Chris’ breakthrough is his observation about the small intestine.  He has discovered that if the small intestine is toxic or inflamed, it sends a signal that STOPS systemic detoxification!

This is massive.  Not only does the liver get told not to dump more toxins into the intestine, but there is also a cellular communication which down regulates production of glutathione (your master detoxifier and anti-oxidant) in every cell in the body.  Now your body simply refuses to release toxicity.

This system makes perfect sense.  In a pristine environment, intoxication of the gut is only likely to last a few hours.  So the intestine sends a signal, stopping any further toxic release, while it digests a rotten apple.

The trouble is that our ‘rotten apple’ is actually a heavy metal cocktail.  And it won’t be gone in a few hours – or even a few years.  Our Liver’s have effectively been switched off by our intelligent feedback systems.  And we are stuck.

Throw a chemical chelator into the mix and all you get is more intestinal intoxication and more stuck!

The only way metals can escape now, is via the kidneys and unless you are helping them directly with FCT or similar, they will simply decline.  And this is EXACTLY the picture I see in my practice day in and day out.

Now here’s the clever bit.
If the intestine can be cleared of toxicity without disturbing the environment anywhere else in the body, it becomes possible to restore natural detoxification pathways at an intracellular and extracellular level.

This discovery explains why many people used to benefit from taking clays and charcoal internally.  While these practices have largely been discontinued in favour of better absorbed and smaller metal binders, it transpires that it is the very fact that charcoal and clays are NOT absorbed, that makes them so helpful.

But today, clays and charcoal alone are not up to the mark, so Chris developed a product called IMD.  Some of you will know of it as Microsilica (but won’t have known the explanation).  Its ONLY job is to clean the intestine of heavy metals and inflammation.  It will not pass through the tight junctions of even a leaky gut, so it will NOT elevate blood metal burden.

One single tube of this fine powder has the binding capacity of 10,000 chlorella tablets and is under a third of the price.  I have seen it work for 3 or 4 years now, but in its re-branding as Microsilica its mode of action was lost, so I never understood or advocated it.

Now though I am using it in conjunction with FCT, and the results are very impressive.  I would even go so far as to recommend it as a stand alone mercury removal tool, with the capacity to switch systemic detoxification back on over time.

This product is not cheap. It costs £110 for 60 servings, which is 3 months supply if taken 5 days on and 2 off as recommended.  It is best taken with a little vitamin C.  A little fresh orange juice would suffice.  But it really is unique, in that it does not artificailly force the system to do something its innate intelligence has chosen not to do.  Rather it works with the body’s own fail-safe system.  And that is as close to a physical substance being homeopathic as I can reasonably expect.

Please email me if you would like to purchase IMD as I may be able to bring the price down if I buy several tubes at once.

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