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Something very interesting has been happening since Cathelyn and I completed our 72 keys of meditation with Dr Wheeler.

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In short, Cathelyn’s sensory awareness is increasing exponentially, and this is allowing me to discover hidden issues for you at a whole new level.For a couple of years now, Cathelyn and I have been able to feel some of what is going on with people who come to us for help.  I can experience powerful emotional resonance, while Cathelyn’s body tunes itself into the client and she can experiences their symptoms.This is both a blessing and a curse.  On two occasions now, Cathelyn has completely lost her hearing.  She has had to ‘break off’ and earth herself for several minutes before the hearing returned.More often though, she will have a sense of a heavy pulse, chest or head pain, gastric discomfort, exhaustion, jaw pain, shortness of breath, sinus pain, ear ache and so on.

Of course my job is to find the FCT vial that will switch this off.  And I’m becoming pretty good at it.  I’ve developed a system of skirting round the issue first, so as to gather related information.  Then, I aim for the bullseye.

This frequently gives me a chance to discover both the source of the problem and whether it is heavy metal, viral, bacterial, fungal, xenobiotic or parasitic in nature.  And it is getting more accurate.

What is more, we are able to do this remotely, off a photograph with just as much clarity.  It really is quite strange.  Cathelyn will walk into the practice, sit down with a photograph and say “Oh I ache ALL OVER” I just smile and show her the top item on that person’s symptom list, and there it is.  ‘Whole body ache’.

What has REALLY got my attention though, is that I am having to be more and more accurate to switch off these symptoms.  When I used to just find Liver and the pain would subside, now Liver might help, but I’ll have to identify a group of infections or specific toxin too.

On MANY occasions recently, completely ‘unrelated’ symptoms have tracked back to a tooth.  My ‘Dental Infection’, or ‘Root Canal Infection’ vials have switched off the resonance COMPLETELY.

I have then sent these people (with no knowledge of dental issues) to dentists, for x-rays, tooth toxicity analysis and/or extractions.  And in every case to date, we’ve been proven right.

Another time I’ll share with you some of the reactions to these precise findings.

Now obviously I can’t promise to identify the one cause of your illness.  In the majority of cases, dis-ease is multi-factorial, and the whole thing needs to be untangled over time.  But I can tell you that we are very successfully finding major issues in people we’ve never met.

So if you are stumbling around in the dark, taking a supplement for this symptom and a pill for that, I am willing to bet you have failed to identify some major obstacles, blocking your healing.  And we’re passionate about helping you find out what those obstacles are.

Ultimately it comes down to getting out of the way of your immune system.  The route to heath is simple.  But in today’s world it is NOT easy!  Everything from wifi to root canals to sugar can shut down your immune system for hours, weeks or years, and we have to find a way through.

PLEASE – If you have not yet watched any of the free “This‘ series, DO SO!
Today is the 10th of the series of 11.  You will hear from doctors who themselves, have recovered from disastrous, late stage illness, and learn what they did.  It is ALL about the immune system!

One in three people in the Western World, will currently experience this disease in their lifetime.  But you CAN DRAMATICALLY improve your odds with the right information.  There is no question that prevention is easier than cure.

This series is FULL of the right information.  It really is excellent and I would like everyone I work with to have this background knowledge.  I have learned a lot from it myself and it puts so many of the puzzle pieces in place and into perspective.

If you’ve missed some or all of the series, you can currently buy it at half price during the launch. But this finishes with the airing of the last free episode tomorrow.  Here’s the link again.

I know I keep banging on about it, but this is a paradigm shifting documentary series that covers everything from fulvic acid to injecting viruses and even the best forms of chemotherapy.  It is NOT some wishy washy nonsense the ‘general population’ will dismiss.  This is material presented by 28 doctors and 11 scientists your oncologist could not disagree with and could learn a lot from.

It is also NOT just about one disease.  It is about the principles of health.
Everyone should learn this stuff!

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