A.R.T. Consultation

What to Expect During a Consultation

The Autonomic Response evaluation is a logical progression through many layers of health. ART not only reveals where things are going wrong, but also how to go about fixing them.

At the beginning of the consultation essential questions are asked, such as whether the individual has a medical diagnosis of their condition from their doctor; their age; their major symptoms and their dental status (whether they have teeth missing, root canals, amalgam fillings etc). We also like to know whether they have had any surgeries.

We then swiftly move on to the evaluation. The client relaxes on the couch, while we assess muscle response through one level of test after another.

Jonathan generally works with an assistant, who simply rests one arm on the person being tested, and the muscle response is tested through her. This works the same way as passing an electric shock through a string of people. Only the one on the end actually feels it. It also eliminates transference and counter transference between the person being tested and practitioner.

The first test is to assess for strength. There should simply be a strong muscle response transferred through the assistant.

Secondly, there should be ‘Open Autonomic Nervous Regulation. This just means that a correct muscle response will demonstrate messages from the nervous system are getting through to the cellular level. This is the most important level to clear, regardless of the ailment. The majority of people present with this level being blocked, and without clearing it, any intervention is being provided to a ‘deaf’ system.

We will generally find a meridian or nerve pathway to tap at this point, just to open up nervous communication.

The second level of testing, is referred to as switching. This is where we discover that neurological messages are being misinterpreted. We simply ask you to touch certain places on the body and see if it is sufficient to cause nervous confusion, rather like a short circuit.

Again, any confusion is generally tapped away on specific meridian points.

Next we assess whether your conscious and unconscious minds are in agreement with one another. It is fundamentally important that a person is consciously and unconsciously prepared for recovery. There are frequently conflicts here too, but these are easily turned around.

We then move on to an assessment of the organs. Each organ or reflex point is contacted, and the muscle response tested. Again, any disturbances are noted and tapping points found.

By this stage, a unique series of points is emerging for that individual. Simply tapping the points found in the determined sequence, will enable a re-priming of their system, quickly unblocking nervous regulation and bypassing any internal conflicts.

Once the individual’s nervous system has been rebalanced, we assess the seven major factors which must be resolved in order for the system to stay in this newly balanced state.

There is no point in persistently propping up the a person’s system while they are in a downward spiral, due to toxicity, sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, allergies, and the like.

This is where the detective work begins. We start by informing the person of any of the major stressors affecting them on a continuous basis, and establish a means of relieving them of those stresses.

Only now is it time to focus on the symptom. We will have established how to re tune the system, and which major factors have been keeping the person suppressed.

The next step is to make associations. We might have found for example that an infected tooth is ‘blocking’ the nervous system, and now we will ascertain whether this tooth is a contributory factor in the presenting symptom. As you will see from the ‘What is ART’ page, psycho emotional conflicts are frequently involved, and quickly disconnected.

A phenomenon called ‘direct resonance’ will also enable us to look for resonance with infections, toxins and pathogens in specific locations. This may help us address a person’s symptoms quite specifically.

Naturally poor health may present a very complicated picture, and not all the necessary information may be gathered in one single hour and a half consultation. The benefit of this system however, is that it is hierarchical, and progress through the levels may be clearly demonstrated from one consultation to the next.