How to Take FCT Remedies – (3)

All FCT protocols will be wrapped in foil to keep them safe for their journey to your home. Once home, they should be kept away from TV’s Computers, Fluorescent lights, stereos and other electrical equipment. Keep them cool and out of direct sunlight.

Please check the following things.
Do you have your protocol list to tell you what to take when?
Are all the time intervals filled in? (Human error can creep in)
Do all the bottles contain liquid? (Occasionally one leaks).
Do you have all the remedies on the list?

Before starting, I suggest you read through the list and plan your schedule. Doing this can make the difference between an VERY late night and just a slightly early morning.  Also read the panel at the top of the sheet to understand the emf (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) avoidance requirements.

If you need help it is better to call me on 01342 770524 to get rapid response BEFORE you start. You can also email me at (but in the weekends I try to get away from my computer).

Understanding the Protocol timing and EMF avoidance
The emf avoidance period for ALL protocols is INDEPENDENT of the number of drops or their timing. In other words, I could suggest 1 remedy and then 3 days emf avoidance after having taken just that 1 remedy.

The reason for the emf avoidance is to allow the body to listen and respond to the signal provided by the drops without interference.

The protocol itself is to be taken according to and in the order of the list. It should be taken once through ONLY, starting at the top and working right through until the end, where you stop. You do NOT go back and start again if you have some hours left in the emf avoidance period. So you may (for example) take 10 remedies on the Saturday then continue avoiding emf on Sunday but take no remedies at all that day.

If there are more hours sequentially than possible to accomplish in the day, simply break off at bed time (wherever you have got to) and pick up again the following morning.

Suppose you have 10 remedies to take in a stretch (say Saturday) then one remedy to take the Next Day (Sunday), and 2 days emf avoidance:

Option 1 (ideal)

Take all 10 on Saturday.
Take 1 remedy Sunday.
Avoid emfs both Sat and Sun.

Option 2 (if necessary)
Take 8 remedies (because of insufficient hours in the day to take more) on Saturday.
Take 2 remaining remedies from the stretch of 10 on Sunday.
Take the Next Day remedy on Monday eveing
Avoid emfs for Saturday and Sunday – Then go about business on Monday until evening. Ideally earth or ‘ground’ yourself before taking the Next Day remedy and avoiding emfs from then until the following morning. (this provides emf isolation for a good 8 hours during sleep).

Any additional emf avoidance you can provide after the protocol is bound to be a good thing.

You may experience a ‘wash out’ as toxins leave your body through the protocol and even several days after in certain cases.  Consuming sugary foods or exposing yourself to emfs may exacerbate this and reduce the beneficial outcome of the protocol.

If you ‘dip’ significantly a few days after the protocol, your body may be attempting to push more toxins out now that it is stronger.  On some occasions you may need to repeat a kidney or lymph or large intestine mucosa remedy to ensure these toxins also leave efficiently.  I do not advise you do this until you are familiar with the whole process.  You may call me for assistance in this event.

Finally your pack should contain a small clear vial.  Please provide a fresh urine sample in this for every consultation.

Thank you.