FCT (2)

What is FCT?

Field Control Therapy™ (FCT™) is a powerful and precise form of causative homeopathy.  It focuses specifically both on sick organs and tissues, as anticipated in western medicine, and  the toxins known in the science of toxicology to inhibit their function and cause clinically recognised symptoms.

Developed by Dr Yurkovsky over the past 20 years to help the body recover from acute and chronic ill health, FCT is tailor made and individually tested through bio-resonance at each consultation.  The practitioner is trained to pick up minute stresses in the body during the consultation which guide him or her through the sequence of organs and systems in that individual patient that most need revitalising.

The resulting therapy is a powerful and precise method of stimulating exactly those areas which are most toxic, and therefore least likely to respond to any other therapy.

An Alzheimer’s patient who is otherwise apparently fit, has very different weaknesses from a Parkinson’s patient, or a cardiac patient or another with asthma.  In FCT™ each of these issues may be addressed specifically.  The frontal lobes of the brain, the basal ganglia of the brain, the coronary arteries, myocardium, capillaries, pulmonary artery, lungs and bronchi may all be individually screened and appropriately stimulated or supported.

Dr Yurkovsky’s most fundamental acknowledgment is that the toxicological importance of one metal above all others cannot be underestimated. There are books running into many hundreds of pages cataloguing the recognised signs and symptoms of mercury poisoning.  There are over 60,000 peer reviewed articles on the subject, we even have an expression “mad as a hatter” derived from the fact that hatters who used mercury in hat making lost their mental faculties.  And yet this most toxic element known to man is ubiquitous.  We even put it in the mouths of children as young as six! and worse still, inject it in the form of a preservative called Thimerosal into the blood-streams of new born babies in the name of vaccination!

This material (mercury) is lethal in the tiniest amounts.  It is lipophilic, meaning attracted to fats, and of course the most abundant source of fats (which is also conveniently close to dental work) is the brain and central nervous system controlling every aspect of human physiology and psyche.

If you are reading this and patting yourself on the back for not having had many vaccinations or amalgam fillings, I am afraid you are still not in the clear.  Mercury is used in farming as a crop preservative and in vaccinations in animal husbandry.  Both of these are directly consumed.  Quantities of mercury in industrial processes have largely been reduced, but the actual number of processes continues to increase.  Runoff from the land into our waterways has led some governments to declare sea fish unsafe for consumption by women of child bearing age.  (They don’t mention the water we drink on its way to the sea.)

Why would “child bearing age” have any significance?  Because mercury is known to cross the placental barrier, and since it is a neuro-toxin (nerve poison) it may wreak havoc long before a baby’s birth at any stage of development.  There is now also an increasing question regarding the impact mercury has on the sperm and its roll in creating robust life.  It is therefore quite possible to have life-long mercury poisoning without ever having had a filling or vaccination.

There is a fragile blanket silence about the danger of mercury. No-one dare raise the alarm.  Dental materials suppliers are now gently passing the buck by printing health warnings on their sales literature to dentists, and mercury preservative is being phased out in vaccinations (in favor in some cases I am told of aluminium – another neurotoxin, which is being investigated for its possible link with Alzheimers).  Despite the general silence, however, the state of Florida, USA, has declared that all use of mercury throughout industry should be prohibited, and with this ‘catch all’, the dental dilemma was neatly dealt with without the whole population suing the dental profession.

In 2004 Prof. Vera Stejskal, Associate Professor of Immunology at University of Stockholm and First Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague, reported to a London heavy metal toxicity conference, that she believed the whole US would ban the use of mercury in the same way Florida has within 3 to 5 years.  The rest of the world would follow some time later.  It is now 2009 and while her predictions have not yet come true, US legislation is undergoing a fundamental re-write and cloaked in the disguise of cosmetic preference, this lethal material is at last being slowly and surreptitiously withdrawn.