Field Control Therapy – (1)

To explain FCT, I must first introduce you to a fundamental observation:

Everything, living or dead possesses ‘information fields‘.  These ‘fields’ contribute to physical properties, and may be observed as colour, mass, rotational spin, smell, taste or vibrational frequency depending on the method of observation.  But the phenomenon of the field is a precise, observable fact in the exact science of physics.

A metal detector relies on this precision to scan its environment looking for the signature, or information field of individual metals.  A radio applies the phenomenon to tune into a carrier frequency and play only the information in that field.

Human physiology is no different, and is controlled through a myriad of these physical information fields.  The gross electrical fields of the brain and heart are witnessed in hospitals with EEG and ECG machines, but more subtle fields of communication, (whether bound up in chemistry of physics) control everything from hormone signalling and synaptic communication, to intra-cellular nutrient uptake.

Field Control Therapy then, is the observation and therapeutic adjustment of these information fields between living systems and pathological agents.

It is vital to understand that interactions between these fields are happening to all of us, every second of the day, whether we like it or not, and that individual interactions are predictable.  An example would be the interaction between the field of magnetism and the field of iron.  These two fields always attract one another.  On the other hand, two south pole magnetic fields always repel one another.

The problem is, that the myriad of simultaneous and synergistic field interactions in our universe is beyond our ability to consciously comprehend or manage.  So we must rely on nature to evolve every step in harmony with what is already in existence.

Modern civilisation has unwittingly strayed into the territory of field control where we are rank beginners and are making ourselves sick.

Let us start with the humble energy saving light bulb and the radio.  You will notice that the light bulb will interfere with clarity of the radio signal when brought near by.  This is because both information fields are different and yet are occupying the same carrier frequency.  The result is that the radio loses its signal and cannot function optimally.

So if the light bulb does this to your radio, what is it doing to you?  And the deeper question is, how is the radio signal interacting with your cellular physiology?  There are now thousands of terrestrial radio stations playing throughout the day and night.  Do you have any idea what this does to your subtle brain chemistry?

Field Control Therapy is the first medical modality to observe, assess and therapeutically work with these fields, because they are either supporting or destroying our health.

The Role of Nutrition

Which is more important the information field or nutrition, and how can we tell?

The first clue should come from the increasing number of affluent, well nourished adults and children who ‘take their vitamins’ and still develop severe, chronic and degenerative diseases.  Certainly nutritional deficiency can cause illness, and our soils are increasingly depleted, but people are not becoming well by correcting these deficiencies alone.

Two children in the same family, fed on the same diet will frequently exhibit dramatically different health.  Two trees, grown on the same patch of land will bear different fruit, and even one tree if grafted, will bear several varieties of fruit from the same soil and root stock.  So we must look beyond the mere ingredients which go to make up a biological system and evolve our thinking to consider its information fields.

The Role of Toxicity

Toxicity is very real.  Acute exposure to a severe toxin may kill or maim rapidly.  The question is, what is toxicity?

We are all aware of highly toxic substances like arsenic, mercury or frog poisons, but what makes them toxic?

The answer again can be found in the physical phenomenon of the field of information carried by these substances in relation to the field of biological systems.  Neither mercury nor plutonium for example is toxic to a granite rock.  Neither do they cause deleterious effect, and the frog poison is harmless to the frog, so we must look at the communication of one substance or organism in relation to another. And it is their relative fields of information which dictate a positive or negative interaction.

We know that an atom of mercury is toxic to a human, while an atom of carbon is not.  But what is the difference between them?  The only quantifiable difference, is the relative number of electrons, protons and neutrons and their orbits.  So here is yet more proof that we must look to the quantum field of information for the qualitative difference between harmful and helpful interactions between elements.

Toxic and Nourishing Information Fields

It is clear then that at the sub-molecular level, one substance is much like another.  All are made up of neutrons, protons and electrons.  This indicates that there must be an information field at the quantum level to explain why these neutrons, protons and electrons will nourish me in one arrangement and kill me in another.

We know from experience that naturally grown foods and living water nourish and support us and we attribute that to nutrient transfer.  We have made the simplistic observation that water is H2O and we need H2O to stop us drying out.  We need a host of minerals and vitamins for our bones, muscles and organs, and we require proteins and fats to complete the ingredients list to support human life.

But it is not that simple.

In the most basic terms, something happens between the soil and the plant which transmutes the elements in the land, which we cannot eat, into life giving elements tied up in vegetables, which we can.  This if you like, is an information upgrade (which Rudolf Steiner refers to as the introduction of ‘etheric’ force).

Now that we have identified information fields as a phenomenon, many questions arise.  What happens, for example when synthetic chemicals (devoid of a living information field) are added in the processing of foods?  They communicate with our cells, just as surely as a magnet communicates with iron.  It is just a physical fact.  But what is the message?

When our vegetables are grown in synthetic fertilisers, and sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, what are the inherent fields? What is communicated and which tissues receive these messages?

Certainly pesticides are neuro-toxins, so have an affinity for nerve tissue.  Why the nerves are particularly receptive to this form of information is a question for another article, but it has to do with resonance (the phenomenon which causes the strings of many instruments in a room to vibrate when only one is played).

If our food can carry pathogenic information fields to us along with nourishment, then what else is furnishing us with information that is breaking us down?

Most well educated people are now aware of the dangers of heavy metals in everything from fuel to farming, and the devastating effects on health of ‘silver amalgam’ fillings which are over 50% mercury by weight.  But there is something even more ubiquitous to consider in modern society, and it is rendering most therapeutic measures inadequate.

The Electric Field

Physics underpins all other sciences and is itself governed by mathematics.  Physics and mathematics not only describe the coding of genes, the photon communication between cells and the electrical communications of the central nervous system, but are in fact the foundations of the biochemistry manipulated by pharmaceutical and nutritive agents.  In short you cannot have chemistry without physics.

Human beings and animals are fundamentally electrical in nature.  Any hospital will monitor the electric fields of the heart and brain with EEG and EKG technologies, and at a more subtle level, healthy cells carry a substantial voltage, while sick cells lose their capacitance and their voltage dwindles.

So purely at the electrical level, we are a symphony of minute electrical signals, all somehow playing in concert and in perfect harmony, while listening and responding to one another effortlessly.  But the minuteness of these signals should alert us to something.

We are being overrun by external, electric and magnetic radiation fields.

No off the shelf electro-magnetic radiation detector will pick up the fields given off by the human body.  They are too weak.  But a cheap hand held device will pick up the radiation from a cordless phone, or mobile from across the room.  It will of course also read the fields of computers, televisions, light bulbs, electric hobs, cars, trains, aircraft, television, radio and phone masts and more.  All have a far stronger field than any animal or human.

We are ignorantly trespassing in our own physiologic control fields.

This ignorance has led to a growing tide of people classed as ‘electro-sensitive’ who cannot function in the modern world.  They literally become ill in the presence of high tension cables, mobile phones, phone towers, computers, LCD screens and wi-fi, expressing symptoms of headache, heart palpitations, numbness, vertigo and more.

The trouble is that they are not alone.  There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that none of us is immune to this unintended biological communication field.  The only differences are in degree and affected organ or tissue.  While ‘electro-sensitive’ individuals are acutely aware of electro-magnetic fields, many of us may simply have our immune systems wiped out, our have our thyroids, ovaries, testes or adrenal glands destabilised.

Unfortunately electric fields impinge on metallic fields.  The most obvious is the example of magnetism and iron (which our blood is full of) given above, but electricity is well conducted by copper, an essential element in the body at low levels, but quickly toxic, silver, gold, nickel and titanium, as well as the neurotoxins, aluminium, mercury and  cadmium to mention a few.

The interactions between these fields make them the most formidable opponents to any therapeutic intervention in the 21st century.

21st Century illness is not the same as 19th or even 20th century disease.  Acupuncture, Herbalism, Nutritional Medicine, even Pharmaceutical Medicine models did not have to contend with the physical, but more importantly the information field pollution you and I must confront on a daily basis.

Field Control Therapy is the only medical modality which takes these inevitable and real physical properties into account when addressing the health of 21st Century patients.

More to follow…