Basic Principle – ‘We Are Electrical Beings’

Why is it that the Russians, who have worked with frequencies intensely since the 1940′s banned the use of microwave ovens and insist that their mobile phone engineers wear ‘space suits’ when erecting masts less than half as powerful as those in the UK?

In the West we are decades behind and only now are we learning just how powerfully electricity and our lack of earthing (or grounding) is affecting our health.

David Wolfe on Earthing or Grounding, in relation to blood viscosity and thyroid health implications. (Relevant info from minute 1 to 5 of movie).

Dr Sinatra explains cardiovascular implications of Earthing or Grounding.

Dr Klinghardt believes the body voltage of the mother during pregnancy is the single largest predictor of whether a baby will go on to develop neuro-developmental illness.  Body voltage is the electrical charge which builds up when a person is not earthed.

There are many suppliers of earthing or grounding equipment. The term used is ESD (electro-static discharge).  Here is one UK supplier.  You can find ‘earthing shoes’ for men and women by Googling “ESD Shoes”.  Remember though that if you are on carpet or in most modern buildings, you will still be insulated.

DO NOT use baby monitors!  They emit extraordinarily high levels of digital radiation – and you put them close to your babies BRAIN!  Instead I recommend a two way wired intercom system.  You have to trail a wire through the house, but I personally prefer that to potential brain damage.

Do not use wireless technologies.  Use HomePlug, which allows you to pick up internet from any 3 pin plug in the house, instead.  If you have anything wireless, turn it off at night.

I strongly recommend you discard your CORDLESS home phone.  It is broadcasting powerful digital radiation 24 hours a day and keeping your brain from it’s recovery mode even when you are asleep.  Use corded phones with a speaker.

If your livelihood relies on it there are such things as ‘ecodect’ phones which stop broadcasting radiation when the phone is in the base station.  They DO NOT HELP AT ALL if the handset is not in the cradle!  When making a call on these phones you are still frying your brain.  The German governments advises against the use of DECT in the home.

Wireless technologies however are only part of the problem, and you should also shield  yourself and your family from radiation coming in from your neighbors and from local digital phone masts, radio and television stations and tetra.

Here is a fantastic film which really explains the science of electro-smog in laymen’s terms:

There is a technology which dramatically reduces the damaging effects of electrical pollution entering your home.  It is also effective for items plugged into your own ring-main, but the handset of a cordless phone for example would not be shielded.

The only technology I have found to have a lasting physiological effect is Memon, available in the UK form Dr David Clements at InHarmonyWithNature.co.uk

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