Jonathan Frewing is a Practitioner of ‘Field Control Therapy’, with a keen interest in Living Systems Medicine and a multifaceted approach to healing.
(He has paused his practice since November 2017 to pursue the new paradigm of GANS Plasma science and will inform readers here as and when he returns to practice.)

Field Control Therapy‘ is a brilliantly simple, bio-resonance tested form of causative homeopathy invented and developed by Dr Savely Yurkovsky to detoxify and restore health to individual organs and systems of the body.  (To learn more about FCT please click here)

Jonathan also studied and taught Autonomic Response Testing under the guidance of Dr Klinghardt for several years. This exposed him to the 5 levels of healing, and a deep understanding of the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health as well as the physical, where we find injury, nutrition and toxicity.

Today, in addition to A.R.T. he assesses the autonomic nervous system, through an advanced ‘Heart Rate Variability‘ technology developed for the Russian space programme, to measure biological stress, and witness changes brought about by changes in Mitochondrial Health.

He has come to realise that the starting point for Intelligent Health has never been so basic as in the 21’st Century. This is because we have lost our daily interaction with the sun, water and even the earth.

We naively insulate our bodies from the earth, expose ourselves to electromagnetic fields, toxins and radiation unaware of their effects.  We drink dead water, eat nutrient deficient foods and hide from the sun.  Then, without addressing any of these fundamental issues, we turn to drugs or supplements to put us back together.

We must start with the basics.  The first step is just to identify what these are.

New patients please see the ‘Basic Principles‘ section, then read ‘Field Control Therapy‘.  and ‘Consultation’ for information in preparation for your first consultation.

Visitors – Welcome. It is my endeavour to provide only the highest quality and most pertinent resources on this site.  I shall continue to build many links to the very best educational materials I can find for you.  Again, please start with ‘Basic Principles‘.

I look forward to the opportunity to help you with your health.  To book a consultation, please call 01342 477 377.  Thank you.

Please note that this website is purely an informational resource.  Always consult with your primary health care provider (generally your GP) for any medical advice.  None of the information on this site is intended to diagnose treat or cure.

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