Vaccines – Should I Vaccinate?

To vaccinate or not ?  Your decision has serious ramifications.
Here is why government ministers are choosing not to vaccinate:

This short clip is from this page which is a valuable resource for those wanting a legitimate and scientifically backed book on the subject of vaccination.

Please Please Please hear Dr Helleman, the world’s leading vaccine authority and developer of Merck’s vaccine program, on camera some years before his death in 2005.

Dr Helleman himself developed over three dozen vaccines, more than any other scientist in history.

It is clear from the excerpt that even this brilliant scientist’s best endeavor to create safe, effective virus antidotes, was woefully inadequate.  Science has moved on a little, and the mistakes are now glaringly obvious…

…But what are the ramifications of today’s imperfect multitude of vaccines?

Well, 60 Lab Studies Now Confirm a Link between a Vaccine You most Probably Had as a Child and a deadly disease.

Here is Dr Mercola’s article revealing the details, and just some of the findings relating to vaccines you, are CURRENTLY supposed to expose yourself, your infant or your teenage daughter to.

We are simply not clever enough to second guess nature!  We are getting it wrong and killing or maiming ourselves and our children in the process.

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