Consultations currently take place at 9.00am, 10.30am and 12.00pm.  I allow an hour and a half for each, and like to book first consultations at 12.00pm so as to be able to extend the consultation time an extra half hour if needed.

My years as an Autonomic Response practitioner and support teacher, make me attentive to the ‘5 Levels of Healing’ as taught by Dr Klinghardt.  These are:

  • Physical
  • Electrical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

In most instances however, I find that targeted support and detoxification of the organs is most pressing in today’s world.  I therefore focus on Field Control Therapy unless one of the other levels presents itself as a clear priority (which does happen).  My basic principles, explained on this site, always apply.

First Consultation – Preparation

Your first consultation is where you and I get to know one another.  We will each need to impart a great deal of information in a short space of time.

To be best prepared, please read and complete the relevant information below and also read the whole Basic Principles sections of this website.  Thank you.

Please bring with you a ‘time line’ of your health from birth.
Use bullet points and include:

  • Past Illnesses and infections, such as nephritis, glandular fever, CMV etc.
  • Vaccination history – naming the vaccines.
  • Physical traumas like automobile accidents, falls from trees…
  • Emotional traumas like abuse, loss of a loved one (including a pet).
  • Toxic Exposures like sheep dipping or foundry work etc.
  • Pharmaceutical drug exposures – naming the drugs
  • Recreational drug exposures – naming the drug

You will want to print out and review the Candida Diet plan.
The reason for this diet is that as soon as we commence FCT, your body will mobilise toxins, particularly heavy metals.  This will cause candida to attempt to flourish.  One of the core tenets of deep detoxification is to prevent the feeding of candida and other mold species.  This diet plan or a variation of it will be an ongoing requirement.

Please also print and complete the this Medical History Form

Regarding other supplements and medications you may currently be taking, I prefer all non-essential items to have been stopped for at least 48 hours prior to consultation.  Please bring a physical sample of each supplement and or medication you have been taking. The packaging or name is not enough.

Chronically ill people are frequently sleeping in a stressful location.  To ascertain whether this is so for you, please ‘bring your sleeping location with you’ as follows:

  • Obtain 3 small bottles of drinking water.
  • Place one at the head, one in the middle and one at the foot of the bed for at least 6 hours when you are not in it.
  • Take each bottle in turn and shake it several times, then wrap it in aluminium foil.
  • Mark which is the head, middle and foot and bring these to your appointment.

The water in the bottles will capture the image of the sleeping location and this will or will not stress you under examination during your consultation.

I shall want a small urine sample (1- 2 teaspoons is enough). This need not be first morning and I can supply you with a collection vial when you arrive.  Please ask for one before visiting the bathroom.

The consultation will take the form of a half hour discussion about your health complaint, followed by an hour of testing, and supplying remedies with explanation.

Each protocol is taken over a weekend when you are required to avoid electro-smog, including TV, computer use, phone use and car journeys.

Attached here is a Frequent Questions document published by Dr Yurkovsky some years ago.