Diabetes Reversed With Raw Food

Dr Gabriel Cousens is routinely getting type 2 diabetics off insulin within 30 days at his Tree of Life healing centre.  In this remarkable documentary, we are witness to the journey of 6 diabetics attempting to come off insulin in just 30 days.  If you believe this is not possible for type 1 diabetics, just wait for the beautiful twist at the end of the film.

“For me, healing diabetes is really quite easy.  This is not a new thing.  With the approach we use I want you to know that literally hundreds of people have been healed by type 2 and I’m going to share with you in a little bit 3 cases of type 1 that have also been healed…”
Quote by Dr Cousens in the documentary ‘Simply Raw’

Please note that the above link to the whole film may be removed from public view, so here is the trailer.