Your Skin

Stop Using Commercial Skin Creams and Cosmetics

Your skin can also absorb tremendous amounts of toxins.  Please don’t be tricked by commercial moisturisers and cosmetics.  They are laced with petrochemicals, xeno-estrogens and even heavy metals.

The best skin foods are simple oils, like coconut oil, apricot kernel oil or castor oil.  It is of course equally important to attend to your skin from the inside, with the appropriate nutrition.

Wherever possible use organic, non-toxic cosmetics.  Lipsitcks, foundation and eye makeup all use very poisonous substances to achieve the colours and qualities they are looking for.

When showering I strongly recommend a shower filter, to help prevent the ingress of chlorine and other toxins from your shower water.  A lot of the chlorine you absorb from the shower will go direct into the open pores of the skin due to the warmth of the water.

If you don’t sweat, you should.  Your basal metabolic rate may be too low or your sweat glands may not be working.  Saunas can help, but always be sure to top up on minerals and electrolytes before a sauna, and I would recommend a toxin binder too.  This is the best.