Basic Principle – Water is a life-giving medium

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Our drinking water is recycled again and again.

Not only is waste water, carrying urinated out, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs pumped back to us through ‘water cleaning plants’ but there, it meets with run-off water, full of pesticides (nerve poisons), herbicides (plant poisons) and industrial waste water, with its heavy metals, PCBs and estrogenic plastics residues to mention a few.

Then to prevent waterborne infections, chlorine is added, and now the pineal shrinking, industrial waste product fluoride is being added in the name of health!

Truly, we are not drinking Water.
We are drinking an exquisite concoction of all that is wrong in the world.

I recommend Pear Tree Well healing water.

The tap water filter systems I recommend can be found here.

Showering exposes us to a great deal of chlorine and byproducts which we inhale and absorb through the skin.  It is possible to absorb over a liter of water through the skin when bathing or showering.  For this reason I suggest we all use a shower filter like this.