Basic Principle – Water is a life-giving medium

Our drinking water is recycled again and again.

Not only is waste water, carrying urinated out, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs pumped back to us through ‘water cleaning plants’ but there, it meets with run-off water, full of pesticides (nerve poisons), herbicides (plant poisons) and industrial waste water, with its heavy metals, PCBs and estrogenic plastics residues to mention a few.

Then to prevent waterborne infections, chlorine is added, and now the pineal shrinking, industrial waste product fluoride is being added in the name of health!

Truly, we are not drinking Water.
We are drinking an exquisite concoction of all that is wrong in the world. 
Unfortunately, there is no simple, cost effective solution for those of us who live in built up areas.

Water should be a vibrant, living expression of the pristine environment it has passed through.  Instead, it tends to be dead, with little energy to pass on to the drinker.  The best most of us will do is filter it and remove some of the physical toxins.

A few of us will go the extra mile by removing the toxic informations held in the water and restoring its structure.  Water’s memory is clearly demonstrated in this 2 minute video from the Aerospace Centre in Stuttgart, Germany.

Since tap water has been exposed to so many toxins, even filtering it, leaves the information fields of those substances in the water we drink.  To overcome this, I recommend the memonizerWATER system.

Of course the ultimate solution for drinking water is pure water from a spring and for those that want it I carry and supply Pear Tree Well healing water to those who come to my practice.

The tap water filter systems I recommend can be found here.

Beware of your Shower!
Finally you need to know that your shower is a little gas chamber.  The hot water releases the chlorine into the cubicle and you breathe it in.  This is not safe.  You will be exposed to more chlorine this way in a 10 minute shower than you will by drinking tap water all week.

So surprisingly, if you can only afford one water solution, I recommend starting with a shower filter like this.