Basic Principle – Sleep is the phase of recovery.
Insufficient sleep means insufficient recovery.

Sleep is also when you burn most fat and build most muscle.

It is said that one hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours after.  So get to bed early and wake up early. This will serve you well.

Not all sleep is the same.  You don’t just need quantity of sleep.  You need quality.  The pineal gland in your brain is waiting for the sun to go down to release melatonin.  This hormone drops you into sleep and is the most powerful detox agent for the central nervous system.  It is CRUCIAL for brain health that you get deep sleep.

But technology is a problem.

Your pineal gland can’t tell the difference between the sun’s radiation and the radiation from the technology in your home; be that the cordless phone (which is as loud as a jet aircraft) or the mobile you use as an alarm clock, your laptop or iPad, or your wifi.  These things stop you sleeping!

This is why I insist on removing all technology at night.  And I highly recommend the installation of memon throughout the house for those that can afford it.

If you are thinking they don’t affect you, because you sleep fine, think again.  It is almost certain that they are still making you fat and weak, as your quality of sleep WILL be being affected.

Light Levels

We are designed to experience sunset and sunrise.  These transition phases are important.  If we go straight from the computer or TV to bed, it will take two hours for full melatonin production.  Then, if we switch the light on to check the time of visit the bathroom at night, we lose another 2 hours.

The answer is to avoid blue light wavelengths. There is software available for computers, that reduce the blue and increase the red colour of the screen in the evening.  These help.  And at night, I recommend you get a red, back lite for a bike from the pound shop and use this if you need to get up at night.  It will provide just enough light and will substantially reduce the interference of melatonin production.

The bottom line is the your bedroom must be a sanctuary, and if you are pregnant, I strongly advise that your read the section on electricity and redouble your efforts.

Sleep well.