Overview – How to Become Well

The 7 steps to health

The following areas must be considered in every case.
In some instances it will be necessary to focus on just one or two areas. 
In other instances, all the areas will need work on, one at a time or all together.

1 Avoid the land-mines.

  • Remove and resolve emotional stressors, both present and past that are continuing to hamper recovery.
  • Minimise electro-smog, particularly wifi and other microwave radiation.
  • Address all toxic exposures from pesticide and heavy metal exposure to antibiotics and vaccinations.
  • Clean the diet.  Remove processed foods and consume only organic as far as possible.
  • Ensure proper water filtration. Drinking and shower water filters should be added.

2 Recover the mitochondria

  • Restore mitochondrial performance as witnessed through Heart Rate Variability.
  • Proper mitochondrial function restores cellular power.
  • All nutrients are better used with correct mitochondrial health.
  • Toxin release is very poor when sympathetic stress is seen through Heart Rate Variability.

3 Detoxify and support the organs

  • With mitochondrial function supported, it is appropriate to focus on organs selectively and encourage the body to release toxins at the intracellular level with FCT.
  • Other modalities may be added, including ‘5 phased detox’ specifically at the time of amalgam removal.

4 Remove amalgams and address other dental issues – especially infected root canals

  • This is done AFTER the initial detox and support phase and supporting the mitochondria.
  • It is inappropriate to add to an already overloaded system.
  • Amalgam removal and other dental work must be undertaken at the appropriate moment.

5 Provide nutrient support

  • Deficiencies in essential nutrients my render recovery impossible.
  • Cover all essential nutritional requirements.
  • Essential nutrients include: Macro minerals and trace minerals in the correct form, amino acids, vitamins and fats of the correct types.
  • Particular attention must be paid to Vitamin D3 due to its role in so many physiologic processes.

6 Address structural problems

  • Realign the body to allow the neurology and musculature to work in a person’s favour rather than against them.
  • Ensure proper range of movement and then use the body.

7 Fix the sleep

  • Restore sleep from 10.00pm to 6.00am (Lunar time).
  • Ensure full, appropriate deep and rem sleeping patterns with associated paralysis to ensure physiologic repair, energy and pain relief.
  • Check 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D levels are between 150 and 200mMol and correct B vitamin status to facilitate paralysis during sleep so as to allow regeneration.

Once these 7 steps have been addressed, other issues will be both easier to find and to resolve.