Sugar and Fat

Most of us still believe that fat makes us fat and sugar rots our teeth.

This simplistic perspective has been peddled for decades, to the point it has become gospel.  But unfortunately, it is not only simplistic, it is dangerously wrong!

Understanding the actual truth about fats and sugars could be one of the most important lessons you ever learn.  It could save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Here then are two articles One on Sugar the other on Fat, from the New York Times Magazine.  They are well written, easy to understand and happily point to other information I have long since included elsewhere in my website.

Is Sugar Toxic? – New Yourk Times Magazine – 17th April 2011

What if it’s All Been A Bit Fat Lie? – New York Times Magazine – 7th July 2002

My recommendation is that we should all include plenty of varied fats in our diet, and accept that nature has complexities we simply haven’t fathomed.

Fructose as an extracted ‘nutrient’ from a whole food is clearly dangerous, while for many, whole fruits are tremendously beneficial.  Diabetics are rightly wary of sugar in foods, and yet whole organic honey will reduce blood sugar levels.

Fresh fats from animal and vegetable sources are hugely valuable, while processed fats like margarine are lethal.  Anything processed is NOT a food.

But let’s be smart about our choices.  If you had to toil on the land all day to have enough to eat, would you crush your seeds, keeping only the oils and throwing everything else away?  Would you juice your apples and throw away the skin and flesh?  Of course you wouldn’t

If you were working the land in Northern Europe, would you expect to eat pineapple in December?

It is time for us to wake up, look around and follow nature.