We are not designed to ‘exercise’ we are designed to work!

This again is such a fundamental misunderstanding that the concept of ‘exercise’ has somehow become optional.  It is not.

Only over the past half century has it even become possible to live such sedentary lives and still remain alive.  In the place of hard physical labor, we earn a living sitting in front of computers, use lifts instead of stairs and travel anything more than a hundred meters in our cars.  Once home, chopping wood has been replaced by flicking on the heating, and we then allow someone else to keep us entertained while we ‘relax’ after a hard day’s work in front of the television.

But here are the problems.
If you don’t WORK your body, your circulation suffers, your production of growth hormone takes a nose dive and even your bowel stops working.

People tend to take to the gym as they gain weight.  The take on long periods of cardio work outs and actually gain more weight.  This starts a vicious cycle of eating less, becoming exhausted and working out more, but with less and less enthusiasm.

If you are gaining weight, you need to resolve your RESTING metabolic rate, and ensure all your nutrient requirements are met.  This includes micro-minerals, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fats.  Then you need to exercise like you are working in the fields, hunting or scavenging.

Naturally we are designed to do short busts of explosive exercise.  This builds muscle and reduces fat.  One of the simplest programs to follow is Pace Express by Al Sears MD.  It is a simple, follow along DVD.

Apart from these brief periods of explosive effort, the majority of an adult’s exercise should be gentle walking in a relaxed manner, while looking out into the environment.

The other VITAL component to exercise, that people really don’t understand is SLEEP.  Read about this here.  Your sleep determines your weight loss and your recovery.  Skip this and you are simply putting more strain on an over-loaded system and you will lose.

By the way. Do NOT use sports drinks.  They contain glucose or other sugars.  These elevate blood sugar, which in turn triggers an insulin release, and with elevated insulin you trigger weight gain and switch off fat burning.