Basic Principle – Your emotional state DETERMINES your physiological function.

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The basic principle here, is to identify to the best of your ability if you are able to let go of your emotional baggage, and forgive yourself for everything past, present and future.

Why is this one of my fundamental principles?

Because if you are living in constant fear, grief or anger over this or that incident, there is no food, nutrient or physical therapy that will get your digestion, assimilation and elimination working.

If you are having trouble understanding this, then just imagine being locked in a room with a lion.  You would, to use a colloquial expression be S**t scared!  The blood would leave your gut and rush to your limbs and brain for a quick escape.  In fear, nutrient uptake is the last thing on your mind.

Different emotions have been found to impact different organs, and this is the realm of Tibettan, Chinese and ‘German New Medicine’.

Fortunately there are tools to enable you to let go of your emotional baggage, but most importantly, just identifying this as a root issue of yours, could save you years of therapy and thousands of pounds.

One group of therapies that is remarkably effective in the release of emotional trauma, is the ‘tapping techniques’ EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and MFT (Mental Field Therapy).

These very simple tools have brought about more rapid and immediate health benefits than any other tool I have in my armoury.

The techniques tackle issues on the first (biochemical), second (electrical/neurological) and third (emotional) levels of Autonomic Response Testing, and can often facilitate improved detoxification from subsequent Field Control Therapy protocols.