Basic Principle – Resolve Elimination
BEFORE detoxification or supplementation

Whenever I receive a call from someone who has been to many good practitioners, yet has come unstuck every time the smallest move towards detoxification has been attempted, I focus on just one thing.  And every time, like clockwork I receive a letter or call of disproportionate gratitude.

The one thing I do, is provide a homeopathic support for the kidneys.

Due to the nature of modern toxin exposure and the lack of gut flora diversity, the kidneys have taken on a far greater significance in detoxification than perhaps originally intended.  I have written an article on this called ‘Why the Liver is no longer King‘.

Colon and Liver cleansing are far better publicised, and the ‘Liver Flush’ is frequently something people have tried.  But as I wrote in my introduction, traditional healing methods are no longer applicable with 21st century challenges.

Because of this, if you are struggling with detoxification or have run into trouble after attempting to chelate or remove metals from your system, I strongly advise a consultation.
Please simply call me on 01342 477 377.

Daily or preferably twice daily, formed bowel movements, of a mid to dark brown colour, together with straw coloured urine (rather than clear) on drinking 1.5 liters of water a day, are prerequisites of health restoration.  They show that your digestive processes as well as your kidneys are actually working for you, and are not just along for the ride.