Basic Principle – The Air We Breathe Must Be Clean
OR we must clean up after breathing it.

Updated 19/6/17

We are now ALL breathing polluted air, contaminated with heavy metals from burning fossil fuels and nuclear radiation particles from bomb tests and leaking reactors.

But today, there are two additional compounding and synergistic dangers.  One is the result of ‘Geoengineering’ and the other is the trigger that led to Bioengineering and GMOs.  I am of course, speaking of the disasters that are ‘Chemtrails’ and ‘Roundup’ containing Glyphosate.

I STRONGLY recommend you watch this brief bilingual explanation by Dr Klinghardt.

For 15 years I have used Dr Tim Ray’s 5 phases of detoxification in my practice, particularly around the time of mercury filling removal.  I now believe that daily detoxification is necessary.  To this end, Dr Ray has recently released ‘Protect’.
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In 1972, Roundup was licensed and its most damaging ingredient, glyphosate was introduced into agriculture.  According to Dr Stephanie Sennif, it is now in 65% of the world’s rain, and is certainly inhaled as it is carried in the wind.

So glyphosate binds with aluminium from chemtrails.  And disguises it in such a way, that it evades detection and passes the tight junctions of the gut and blood-brain barrier to enter the brain.

In case you are like me and put the threat of ‘chemtrails’ down to histrionics, I have included two more authoritative, short videos on the subject below.

‘Geoengineering’ is a haphazard collection of ignorant experiments to ‘control’ the climate of the earth, with no respect for, or understanding of nature’s life cycles or detoxification capabilities.

Here is an excerpt from a World Heath Organisation discussion on the subject:

And here, Dr Ilya Sandra Perlingieri reveals what chemtrails consist of.

We know of course that aluminium is neuro-toxic, and is a contributory factor to Alzheimer’s and other neurological disease.  What is less commonly known however, is that scientists at the University of Vienna have demonstrated that one can develop an allergy to ANY substance consumed (or inhaled) in the presence of aluminium.

It is also not commonly known that Glyphosate (the subject of the video above) chelates aluminium, and escorts it across the blood-brain barrier into the brain, where it can cause untold harm.

Since living in an hermetically sealed environment is not an option, our only way to address this problem is through proper detoxification and elimination support.
Which is why I advocate Dr Ray’s ‘Protect’ product..