Basic Principle – The Air We Breathe Must Be Clean
OR we must clean up after breathing it.

Updated 19/6/17

We are now ALL breathing polluted air.  We live in a fossil-fuel burning world, where the air is laced with traces of every heavy metal imaginable.

Nuclear bomb tests and power plant leaks are far more common occurrences than we are told.  So background radiation is also increasing dramatically.

Since 1972, when roundup was licensed the chemical glyphosate was introduced into agriculture.  According to Dr Stephanie Sennif is now in 65% of the world’s rain, and is certainly inhaled as it is carried in the wind.

More recently still, a new menace has been added.  Until recently I put this ‘threat’ down to histrionics. Now though, it is all too clear that ‘chemtrails’ are a very real component of ‘Geoengineering’, a haphazard collection of ignorant experiments to ‘control’ the climate of the earth, with no respect for, or understanding of nature’s life cycles and pollination.

Chemtrails are introducing nano particles of aluminium as well as other metals into our ‘fresh air’ water and soils.  Here is an excerpt from a World Heath Organisation discussion on the subject:

And here, Dr Ilya Sandra Perlingieri reveals more data about just what chemtrails are, and what they consist of.

We know of course that aluminium is neuro-toxic, and is a contributory factor to Alzheimer’s and other neurological disease.  What is less commonly known however, is that scientists at the University of Vienna have demonstrated that one can develop an allergy to ANY substance consumed (or inhaled) in the presence of aluminium.

It is also not commonly known that Glyphosate (the subject of the video above) chelates aluminium, and escorts it across the blood-brain barrier into the brain, where it can cause untold harm.

Since living in an hermetically sealed environment is not an option, our only way to address this problem is through proper detoxification and elimination support.