Basic Principles

Fix These Things First… BEFORE you move on to what one thinks of as medicine.

In health, basic principles are all about environment – both external AND internal. This is not some abstract concept. It is provable fact.  As human beings on this beautiful planet, our health depends on the full spectrum of sunlight, complex nutrients of plants, fresh air, pure water and contact with the earth and it subtle electromagnetic pulse.

Today the rhythm of sunrise, full spectrum sunlight, dusk and darkness, have been replaced by on off, narrow spectrum LED light on demand. We have no knowledge of living water, so would rather drink instant coffee.  Our processed food is void of nutrients but full of toxins as is the air we breathe.  And finally we have insulated ourselves from the earth with rubber soled shoes and disconnected from her crucial pulse and plugged in to a ubiquitous network of pathological microwave frequencies preferred by our not so ‘smart’ technologies.  So why do we become ill ? – Because we are not playing by the rules.

Traditional medicine is simply incomplete in the 21st Century. Today our environment is not as it should be. We pay lip-service to fundamental laws of nature without observing them or even understanding what they are. If we want health, this has to change!

The fundamental, life-giving environment that has always been inescapable in the past, has today become almost unattainable. Incredibly, the first steps in Intelligent 21st Century Medicine are to reinstate what used to be our birth right! Only then does it make sense to look at any other medical intervention.

So what are the basics ?

We are 80% water. So how important do you think this is? If you drink tap water, or plastic bottled supermarket water, you don’t yet understand. Water is so much more than H2O that we have barely begun to scratch the surface. We expect it to sustain life, and yet our tap water itself is dead. The ideal water to drink, is freshly collected spring water. If this isn’t practical for you, please read my recommendations in the Water section, under ‘Basic Principles’ of this site.

Electricity – and the Earth
We are fundamentally electrical beings. We simply cannot maintain our integrity if isolated from the earth and bombarded by millions of powerful electromagnetic signals. The most powerful of these in your immediate vicinity are wireless technologies, mobiles, cordless phones, televisions and computers.

In nature, our bare feet connect with the earth discharging our body voltage, soaking up electrons and receiving the earth’s 7.83 Hz frequency that has been proven to be fundamental to sustaining life.

The sun bathes us with subtle radiation throughout the light spectrum and our cells communicate with one another in the bandwidth we now flood with mobile technologies.

In today’s world our cells are deafened by competing digital signals and our unearthed bodies hold a damaging, inflammatory charge. To learn about this and how to resolve it, please read the Electricity section of the ‘Basic Principles’ on this site.

Eating organic, living food may be the single most powerful health intervention anyone can make at home. If you eat inorganic, processed foods, you need to know more about the ‘food industry’. The 2010 film “Raw for 30 Days” takes 6 diabetics (including type 1) and reverts them to a non-diabetic state with nothing but raw food and supportive nutritional supplements.  Dr Keith Scott-Mumby has helped thousands by removing foods people are intolerant to.  Dr Yurkovsky points to the vital importance of fats and proteins in meat to help protect against heavy metal toxicity. There remains MUCH disagreement about food. But one thing we all agree on is the devastating toxicity of mass produced supermarket ‘food’. Please read the Food section under ‘Basic Principles’ of this site.

In 1992 a court ruling made it legal for our governments to manipulate our weather conditions by releasing aluminium nano-particles and other substances from aircraft into the skies.  The resulting ‘clouds’ have become known as ‘Chemtrails’.  Despite a rapid, global reduction in smoking, lung disease is on the rise.  We have no defense against these nano-toxins, and they are combining with other airborne pollutants to create a synergistic cocktail of unknown toxic intensity.  This alone makes daily detoxification imperative.
Here is an affordable solution I recommend.  There is more on air pollution in the Air section of ‘Basic Principles’.