The Master Switch Vitamin

There is one vitamin so crucial, that nature made it impossible for us to screw up (until now).

In fact a massive 10% of our genes can’t switch properly without it.
It even determines whether we deteriorate or regenerate during sleep.
And research now shows that it is implicated in ALL auto-immune conditions, ALL chronic and degenerative diseases and everything from ADHD and viral infections to libido and weight management.

What is more, it’s not really a vitamin!
Vitamin D
is not a vitamin at all.  It is a HORMONE.
Which means that if you have too little of it OR too much, you are in trouble.

If you are thinking you know all about vitamin D – Please don’t switch off!
Everyone I’ve tested so far has been way out of range,
and alarmingly their results have claimed adequate levels!

As you’ll see.  You really need to get this right.
So I’m providing a service to make sure everyone gets in the zone.

Just taking a vitamin D supplement through the winter months is usually not enough.
The place to start is to find your 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D level.  Doing this in October is ideal timing, and will immediately show you your vulnerability to infections.

For me to provide you with this service, please call me on 01342 477 377
Leave me your phone number and I shall get back to you.

The Vitamin D service I am offering is by post, and includes the blood test kit (£28), a year’s worth of vitamin D drops at 5,000 iu a day, with added vitamin K2 (£36) and your personalised recommendations by email (£10).  That is a total of just £74.

I shall send you the correct ‘at home’ test kit and interpret the findings when you receive them.  Based on your weight, your sleep quality, your skin colour, and your current level of supplementation, I shall tell you how to bring your specific blood levels up to optimum, which co-factors you need and for how long to supplement before getting a re-test.

Vitamin D is so much more than the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’.  Until recently, we never had to think about it.  Our skin colour evolved according to latitude, and melanin fluctuated with the seasons.

Now though, we have developed lifestyles and practices that almost guarantee a problem.  And the consequences are dire.

Today, it is almost impossible to get vitamin D levels right.  Here’s why:

  • You only make Vitamin D when the sun is high in the sky and your shadow is shorter than you are.  This is when the UVB rays are present.
  • You will NOT make sufficient vitamin D if the sun is lower and your shadow is longer than you are.  At this time, the UVA rays are stronger and will deplete you of vitamin D.
  • You will make up to 1,000 international units a minute (depending on skin colour) from full body exposure to high sun in your native latitude.
  • If having sunbathed, you go and shower with soap, you will wash off most of the pre-vitamin D, before it converts to vitamin D and is absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • You will not make vitamin D if you are clothed, behind glass, or wearing a sunscreen.
  • If you are vitamin D deficient, you are very likely to burn in high sun.
  • The sun is essential, nourishing and NOT dangerous if vitamin D levels are adequate.
  • Sunburn is not healthy, and creates heat that increases vitamin D production in desperation to protect the body.  Sun burn is potentially dangerous.
  • The 4 main, chemical ingredients in Sunscreens penetrate the skin rapidly and are known toxins.
  • Vitamin D is a hormone and therefore has an acceptable upper and lower limit.
  • Sun glasses trick the body into believing the light levels are lower than they are.  It is believed that this leads to incorrect melanin production and other complications.
  • People with different skin colours make dramatically different amounts of vitamin D from identical periods in the same sunlight conditions.
  • While your body regulates vitamin D production from sun exposure, it is NOT able to do so from oral supplementation!

The marketing that has convinced you to hide from the sun and slather on the sun block is one of the most worrying deceptions of our time. Since vitamin D is intricately involved in so many biological and developmental processes, including gene expression, there is a very real probability that its deficiency has contributed substantially to autism and other childhood catastrophes according to Dr. John Cannell, renowned vitamin D expert and founder of the Vitamin D Council.

You will for example, remember the Centre for Disease Control’s cover up, that black boys are more likely to develop autism after vaccination than their white peers. Why would that be? Could it have anything to do with the fact that they and their parents make far less vitamin D when sunlight is limited?

There is no substitute for the sun. This is important to understand. And while some researchers are not yet recommending oral vitamin D3 supplementation, the majority, including Dr Cannell, Dr Holick and Dr Gominak are, and the results speak for themselves.

My personal experience was watching our mixed race son’s very severely bow legs straighten completely in just  weeks with supplemental vitamin D3 at the age of two.

There is of course a raft of research into any number of disease conditions, all of which appear to correlate in some way, with a vitamin D deficiency. These include:

  • All auto-immune conditions
  • Almost all infectious disease
  • All bone conditions and dental disease
  • Tumours and neoplasms
  • Neurological and developmental illness
  • Diabetes 1 and 2
  • Psoriasis and eczema
  • And much more besides…

So what is the best way to raise 25 hydroxy vitamin D in the body if we can’t get the sun?  I am currently investigating tanning beds. Not all beds are the same, and UVA to UVB ratios are just one consideration. But certainly a percentage of UVB is required.

For most of us though, the simplest and BY FAR the most cost effective is a vitamin D3 supplement.

Dr John Cannell, a world authority on the subject suggests that the majority of adults will be able to get their levels into range with 5,000 iu of D3 per day over several months.  But at this time of year we don’t have that luxury, and to gauge the right level, we need a blood test.

For children, he is suggesting 1,000iu per 25lb of body weight. And for children with autism this may be doubled or quadrupled.

But Vitamin D3 alone is not enough. The following cofactors are also essential, and since so many of us are dramatically deficient in these, they must be attended to also:

  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Boron
  • Vitamin K2

Plenty of green leafy vegetables, and a handful of organic sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds a day should suffice, so long as you have sufficient gut flora to convert the K1 to K2. Otherwise, for reasons explained above, I recommend a good multi, that covers these bases as part of a broader complex.

Apparently, when looking at vitamin D in blood results, a third of doctors test for the wrong thing. They should be assessing 25 hydroxy vitamin D and NOT 125 hydroxy vitamin D, which is often elevated in the presence of a deficiency.

According to Dr Cannell and Dr Gominak, the optimum range for 25 hydroxy vitamin D is 60 – 80 ng/ml of blood (This is equivalent to 150 – 200 mMol/L) .  These are NOT the levels our labs report as adequate.

Un-supplemented, reserves of vitamin D in the body, halve every 2 – 3 months. This is why ‘Flu Season’ peaks in late January.  There is no such thing as flu season. Influenza comes and goes all year round. What changes, is the immune system’s capacity to fight it off – and that is due to vitamin D levels.

Cell biologists have discovered that vitamin D enormously up-regulates production of anti-microbial peptides called cathelicidins. These attack all cell walled infections. What is more, higher vitamin D levels also quench the inflammatory cytokine storms that are generally the cause of fatalities from infections, and are associated with the long-term ramifications of such infections, including Parkison’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

In short, sunshine is a ‘cradle to grave’ necessity, and by avoiding it, we have unleashed a cascade of unintended and severe health consequences.

The Vitamin D service I am offering is by post and includes the blood test kit (£28), a year’s worth of vitamin D drops at 5,000 iu a day, with added vitamin K2 (£36) and your personalised recommendations by email (£10).  That is a total of just £74.

For me to provide you with this service, please call me on 01342 477 377
Leave me your phone number and I shall get back to you.

Thank you.