MS – 90% Complete Remission in 3 Months

Even though I’m not currently in practice, I shall still write the occasional important, very brief articles.  Here is one such vital notice.

Over the past months I have come across Dr. Vincenzo Simonetti several times, and I am now sure that you need to know about him if you or a loved one suffers from MS.

Simonetti is an Italian doctor who has found an incredibly safe and effective way to treat MS.  Using a specially designed ozone protocol, along with heavy metal detoxification and the elimination of gluten and milk, he has been able to stop the progression of the disease in 100% of his cases.

Not only that, but in 90% he has achieved complete remission in 6 to 12 weeks of twice weekly treatments.  The therapy works by increasing cytochrome c oxidase activity in the brain, allowing it to ramp up myelin production and maintenance.

That’s it.  Now it is over to you.

I know you’ll have a million questions, but please don’t email me about this, as I am snowed under and shall not be able to respond.  Instead, please simply google Dr Vincenzo Simonetti and you will find plenty of valuable information.

Your health!