I am taking a sabbatical.

There is never a good time to break news like this.  But I am writing to let you know that I am taking a sabbatical from private practice.

Just a few days ago an opportunity presented itself which I must pursue.  It has demanded swift and decisive action on my part, and it will take me away from being available to clients for consultation and support.

What does this change mean?
On Friday the 8th of December I shall be putting my practice on ice until March 2018, and possibly longer.  I would have liked to be able to give you a great deal more notice, but I had no forewarning myself and am letting you know at the earliest opportunity.

Between now and the 8th of December I shall do everything I can to make the transition bearable for all those that consult with me.  I shall contact individually, those with appointments scheduled past the 8th.

Supplements and HRV tests
You will still have access to supplements and HRV assessments.  Cathelyn is qualified to run Kardivar HRV tests and will provide these as required.  She is already largely responsible for supplement orders and will continue to supply you with what you need.

We will notify you of a new email, specifically for supplement orders and HRV tests.

email support
One of the things I have tried to provide over the years is valuable email support.  But with hundreds of people contacting me, it has become almost impossible and I shall no longer be able to provide this after the 8th of December.  I am sorry.

Alternative practitioner support
This is something I am working on and I shall contact you again with further information.

Please rest assured that I continue to work towards a better future for all of us.

With kindest regards,